Your Shape - Milton Keynes

The Your Shape programme has been commissioned by Public Health at Milton Keynes County Council to provide free weight loss support for all adults living in Milton Keynes, delivering safe and effective weight loss through specialist lifestyle and exercise programmes.

Your shape is a 12 week weight management programme designed for both men and women. The nutritional messages are educational and empowering and the programme provides both tailored specific and group based exercise programmes.

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The Programme

Your Shape is a community based intervention providing overweight and obese individuals with accurate and appropriate information on nutritional and physical activity topics.

In delivery, ‘Your Shape’ staff will be a source of advice, inspiration, support and knowledge, as well as providing a service that fully reflects the importance of community health. During a structured 12-week programme ‘Your Shape’ will explain why diets don’t work and why quick fixes quickly fail, exploring the many issues relating to food and nutrition, examining the consequences of our behavior. ‘Your Shape’ teaches the fundamentals of long-term weight management through an improved relationship with physical activity and the accompanying benefits; optimum long-term health and wellness.

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